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Highlights from our customer day

Highlights from our customer day

On the 14th of May, we were delighted to host a Customer Day event at our head office in Newbury. The event was dedicated to connecting with our customers and showcasing the latest hardware and features in our multichannel retail software and services. The event was a great success and we wanted to take a moment to share some of the highlights with you.

Building connections and networking

The event began with a warm welcome, allowing our customers to introduce their businesses, meet some of the Intelligent Retail staff, and discuss the Connect system that helps to drive their business. We believe in building strong relationships, and this event allowed us to get a better understanding of what is most important for our customers and form stronger connections. It also provided a fantastic platform for our customers to network with our partners and mingle with each other, exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge.

The event wasn’t just about building connections and networking, it was also about viewing the newest additions to our hardware range firsthand. Various models of the Oxhoo till hardware and the Handheld Stock Management Terminal took centre stage. Ben, our Customer Services Manager, led a session demonstrating the features and functionalities of the latest equipment and answering any questions.

Increasing website traffic

The SEO tips presentation led by Tina, our eCommerce Team Leader, was packed with useful advice on optimising a website for search engines (SEO). The easy-to-follow session provided valuable insights on attracting more users and increasing website traffic.

Integrated payment solutions

One of our integrated payments partners joined the event, offering insights into their services and the benefits of their solution that integrates with our software. They were also present to answer any questions about security and streamlined payment processing.

A penny for your thoughts

Throughout the day, we actively listened to our customers, gathering valuable feedback on how our software functionality and user experience could be further improved to save time and streamline their operations for greater efficiency.

Looking ahead

Overall, the customer day was a huge success! The valuable feedback gained allows us to better align our improvements and developments towards our customers’ needs. Our customers left with additional knowledge, insights, and tips to get the most out of Connect and their eCommerce website. It was a beneficial and productive day all around.

Stay tuned for future events!

If you have any additional questions or feedback following the event or any suggestions on how we can improve our software to make running your business easier, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Join our mailing list for the latest updates. We’re always happy to hear from you!