Internet sales continue to rise

Internet sales are still continuing to rise. IMRG, the eCommerce industry body reported that internet sales rose year on year 19% in January, 12% in February and 15% on average over the last 6 months. This is less than the growth seen in previous years, but still notable in the current recession and according to James Roper the Chief Executive at IMRG this growth will “stay steady”.

What has helped to drive this growth is the availability of high speed broadband. 58% of British homes now have broadband and this figure is set to rise with the government launching the Digital Britain Report which sets out a way to bring advanced digital communications to all. This will drive more growth in internet retailing.

David Mackley MD at Intelligent Retail commented; "The internet has become a part of everyday life for  UK consumers and for many is an integral part of their shopping routine. The internet is not all about low cost discounting, there are many different strategies retailers can use to increase business. Retailers who only have shop premises are missing out on a huge change in consumer shopping habits, whereas multichannel retailers are winning in this touch climate."

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