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Be part of the UK’s Largest Online Shopping Location with eBay

Sell more with our eBay integration service.

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eBay is the number one online shopping destination in the UK with millions of people browsing and buying products. According to Retail Week figures, eBay has around 13% market share online so the potential to make additional sales is huge.

Introducing eBay Connect

eBay Connect gives you end to end integration with eBay and your stock system. This is not the same as a simple stock feed that other suppliers offer. eBay Connect can make life easier – from adding products to fulfilling orders.

How Connect integration with eBay helps independent retailers

Sell more because you can send multiple products to eBay easier.

Stock control will work alongside your other channels. Keeps it simple and manageable.

Orders from eBay will download to your Connect system for easy fulfilment.

This is a complete integration where, for simple item listings, there will be no need to go to eBay. Do it all from Connect!

You can have up to 3 different eBay stores in Connect. Connect also supports international stores in the Republic of Ireland and Australia.

What information is shared with eBay?

Upload products to eBay in a click. Product image, full description, product name, override product name, price, and override price.

General product attributes & eBay categories.

Colour / size variations handled.

Manage stock control & order fulfilment.

Central reporting, finance & customer database.

Why eBay Connect can help independent retailers

Instant selling on eBay

Send single or bulk products to eBay direct from Connect using our ‘Drag and Drop’ technology. Anyone can do it. Connect will auto fill in product attributes where it can. Connect will also help guide you to the important additional product attributes required by eBay depending on the information available from eBay about what you are listing. You can also 'Play' & 'Pause' your eBay feed. Pause the feed whilst making changes to items. Simply press ‘Play’ and your new items will be sent to eBay.

Stock control

Connect manages your stock control for you, centrally. When your last item sells on your website, Amazon or in your shop, a message is sent to eBay to let it know you are out of stock. Don’t worry if you sell something on eBay and you haven’t picked it yet, Connect reserves that product for the eBay order and tells the other channels it is not available.

Managing eBay

The Multichannel Fulfilment Centre brings together all your orders for centralised Pick, Pack and Dispatch. This provides an efficient system for fulfilling your orders no matter where they come from. When you dispatch an item, Connect automatically updates eBay to say it’s been dispatched. Central reporting shows where your profits are coming from, as well as trends such as fast and slow movers. You can report centrally across all channels or individually on eBay.

Volume sellers

You often find that you use a lot of the same settings time and time again with eBay listings. Within Connect you can create templates to set default values when bulk listing new products which saves a lot of time.

Products often have options such as size, colour, quantity, weight etc which eBay call 'variations'. In Connect these options are managed for you. eBay will list them properly with the options presented in a drop-down box and if one option goes out of stock the others remain, only the one no longer available is taken off the list.

Create new products in bulk – fast! An independent retailer that sells lots of products does not want to fiddle about with individual product attributes. In Connect, you can set up a ‘LISTING VALUES TEMPLATE’ with all your default options in. All new products you put on to eBay will pick these defaults up. You can do this when updating products as well!


Knowing what is in stock and what is selling improves profitability & productivity and makes buying more effective. Quickly see where the biggest profits and margins are coming from by item, department, or supplier. You can even see the days in stock for each item or look at an item, category, or a supplier’s contribution to your company’s profit as a percentage!

Offering total visibility of your stock position and using the built-in rich suite of reports will quickly allow you to assess your inventory performance. The flexible reporting tool allows for deep drilling into a product, group of products, or a supplier, to identify slow or fast selling lines quickly and easily.

Report on staff performance, customer sales and even items that have been ordered for customers to improve the customer experience and be able to provide better service. All reports are presented on-screen, PDF or you can export as a CSV file for further manipulation. Each area of the Connect back office has a dedicated set of reports available and by using filters, tag sets and tags you have really powerful reporting capabilities.


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