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Product Description Writing Service

If you want to get the very best results from your new website then you need to spend time creating informative, accurate and enticing product descriptions.

With an eCommerce website, you don’t have the luxury of having a salesperson on call. Product descriptions act as your virtual salesperson on your eCommerce website, answering any questions potential purchasers may have about the products you offer.

Your eCommerce website is a major investment. If you want to get the very best results from your new website then you need to spend time creating informative, accurate and enticing product descriptions. We have proven consistently that well-written, unique product descriptions pay for themselves many times over, bringing higher rankings in search engines resulting in many more sales.

Our professional web copywriters provide researched, accurate and enticing product descriptions for your products, enabling you to not only get more traffic from search engines but also converting more of those valuable website visits into sales.

We offer a one-off or a monthly service and the price is based upon creating copy for products with variants (colour/size etc) if these are present. Each variant has unique copy, so that each variant page gets indexed in Google. Many eCommerce websites (even product suppliers) don’t do this, leading to just one of a set of product variants getting indexed in Google – a massive mistake!

A website without unique copy on variants will not meet the search engine’s criteria and will therefore be counter-productive

What makes a good product page?

Products pages

Try to make them clear and informative without being too long. A good format to follow is to include Brand, Model Name or Number (if relevant) and Product Type. For example, "CP Company Garment Dyed Lens Pocket Sweatshort in Beech".

Product descriptions

Google likes unique content that adds value so where possible it is best to write your own product descriptions. This can be a lot of work, but the extra effort is worth it and helps generate more traffic and conversions, so you could concentrate on your target brands or products first and then work through the website as you have time.


It is also useful to copy and paste the product title into the first line of the description, like a subtitle. Remember that the product page is where customers will be getting information about your products, as they are not able to physically touch or inspect the product when online, and there isn't a staff member present to answer questions.

Interesting details

Things to think about including in the description (if relevant) are - what the product is made of, how it works or what it does, the size, weight, colour, smell, texture, style etc, where you would put the product or who it would be a great gift for etc . Think about what customers would want to know about the product before buying it and then write useful and informative paragraphs about the product.


Top quality images are important for customers to make a buying decision. You can include additional images for products to show detailed views, other angles or lifestyle images.

Linked items

It’s useful to link similar or related products together. This can help cross sell other products to customers.


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