Touch Screen EPoS Systems

Touch screen till systems can save you immense amounts of time – and as we all know, time is money. Combined with the right till software, touch screen interfaces allow your staff to check the status of any item in a matter of seconds. Even part-time and Saturday staff can expertly answer customers' queries about any of your thousands of […]

Running Competitions for SEO

Occasionally holding a competition on your website can give it a much needed boost in quieter seasons, or capitalise on a busy buying period like Christmas or Valentine's Day. Here I show you how to approach launching a competition in the best way for SEO. Read more…

Ecommerce Multichannel

As online retail continues to grow year on year, shop owners across all sectors are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities offered by multichannel systems. It's possible for any business to place itself at a distinct advantage by consistently offering customers good service, convenience and value for money across all channels – on the high street, over the phone, throughout […]

Advantages of Epos

We are fortunate enough at Intelligent Retail to receive regular feedback from delighted customers. A great many retailers have told us that our Connect EPoS system has proved invaluable to the efficient running of their stores and eCommerce websites. Every feature of our system was developed with the needs of retailers in mind, so it's always gratifying to hear that […]

The Importance of Product Images

Product Images – This isn't strictly SEO related, but is still vitally important for your website to be successful.  This is especially the case with clothing retailers . Taking high quality photos with a number of different angles and close-up shots will make a vast difference to the conversion rate on your website. Read more…

The Power of Twitter & Multichannel Retail

It's good news again at Intelligent Retail. Stephanie Jerome, founder of the Intelligent Retail Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) programme, has had an article on the power of Twitter published in Issue 62 of the popular giftware magazine Gift Focus. Her writing sheds a light on the tremendous potential of Twitter as a marketing tool for retailers, and can be found […]

Video Content in Retail SEO

Appearing at the top of Google for competitive products and product ranges can be very difficult, but you can cut out a lot of the time and effort by simply using Youtube.   Video results often appear right at the top of Google results, so never underestimate the power of video in Search Engine Optimisation.  Here I explain more and give […]