Getting Creative with Online Marketing

Do you remember Jedward? Personally, I’m desperately trying to forget about the two lads from Ireland who seemed to dominate the headlines back in 2009 but there’s no doubt the gruesome twosome had something which stirred emotions, good and bad. Some ridiculed John and Edward Grimes, after all why would you go onto a singing […]

Marketing SEO

Creating Content that Kicks

Online marketing is a confusing profession sometimes. At various times of the day I’m asked to be statistician, author, business analyst and programmer and that’s before we get started on actually putting together campaigns, dealing with copywriters and managing multiple clients through various communications systems. The phrase ‘octopus on stilts’ springs to mind if you […]

eCommerce SEO

Easy Blogging for Better eCommerce Results

Why You Should Be a Business Blogger Ever since Google introduced PageRank, which counts incoming links to a page as ‘votes of confidence’ for that page, we’ve had major problems with spammers trying to game Google’s systems. In simple terms, the more links you have coming from different websites to any particular page, the higher […]