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Is Retail Ready for Predictive Shopping?

How would you feel if a retailer predicted your shopping habits, shipped goods automatically to your door and debited your bank account or credit card without your prior knowledge? Welcome to the wacky world of Predictive Shopping! Although you may think that the scenario outlined above is science fiction, Big Data and AI systems have […]

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Optimising for Voice Activated Search

A Crash Course in Voice Search Engine Optimisation Way back in the 1980’s I worked for an Engineering company making precision parts for trains, helicopters and all sorts of high-tech, extremely secretive military projects. All this technical wizardry was created by a CNC machining centre, programmed using a punched paper tape machine, allied with a […]

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Negative Search Engine Optimisation

Negative Search Engine Optimisation – Are Your Competitors Shady? There’s an old saying… “If you hear a lie often enough, it becomes the truth!” Google used to say repeatedly that there was absolutely no way that anyone could negatively affect anyone else’s website search engine listings by under-hand means. This “truth” was believed by many. […]


Stand out from the crowd

A recent article by Henry Williams published in Startups looks at what small retail businesses can do to stand out from the crowd.