IR Crumball Rally 2016 – Part Deux

The team make their way to the starting line in Reims, France

Tomorrow is the day our team of 4 wacky-racers set off to France and head for Reims, the starting line for Crumball Rally’s 2016 ‘Mission Impossible’. From Reims their rally across Europe  will begin on Friday, 8th July.

Since our last update the team has been very busy putting the finishing touches to their car and making their plans. Now ‘Mission Impossible’ is looking a lot more like ‘Mission Impossible’!

Crowd-sourced decoration


With the matt chalkboard paintwork finished, Mark H kindly left a box of chalk sticks on the bonnet and instructions for the staff at IR’s Newbury office to decorate the car as they left work. Mark returned from a short spell at Glastonbury only to find the car well and truly graffitied, and much to his surprise it was all polite and decent. Can you spot Intelligent Retail in the detail?

First Test-drive

Insurance for the car has been activated and with that test-driving began. Four days of almost constant driving would take it’s toll on any car, let alone a banger like this one. Needless to say the test-drive raised a few things that needed the team’s immediate attention. A few tweaks, a further test-drive, a panic about brakes and the Swiss-alps and a few more tweaks later and the car is now as ready as it’ll ever be!

All set, Ready to go

Crumball Rally Team Photo

left-right – Mark H, Mark S, Laura & Ben.

With all mechanical-things in order (we hope) the team’s attention turned to how they’re actually going to complete this challenge. It became quickly apparent that 4 adults in that car for 5 days will be a tight squeeze: so a roof box has been fitted to put Mark S in (..of course it’s actually for the luggage!).

The probable route has been planned, Swiss Francs, Euros and a pack of Wine Gums have been purchased and they’ve all found their passports. The team will meet tomorrow morning at 7am sharp, load the car and head off to catch their ferry at Dover – there’s no turning back now! Unless of course they really want to in which case we’d understand.

All that’s left to say is Bon Voyage! Gute Reise! Šťastnou cestu!

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