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IR Marchathon: Staff Wellbeing Challenge

IR Marchathon: Staff Wellbeing Challenge

As part of our drive to encourage wellbeing and healthy living within the company, some of our staff took part in a wellbeing challenge throughout the month of March.

The Challenge

The aim was for the team to cover the total distance of a marathon each, within the month of March. That’s approx. 26.2 miles per person, making the group goal for the 11 people taking part to reach 288.4 miles.

The Progress

We used the Strava app to create a group challenge that allowed us to see each other’s progress, share photos of our walks or runs, and encourage each other to keep going! From simple morning walks with the dog and taking an extra stroll at lunchtime, to Easter egg hunts, exercise bikes, and impressive 20k runs that hit a PR (Personal Record), everyone chipped in together to add to the total distance.

The Result

We’re pleased to announce that (despite a broken leg and a bad back – none of which were caused by the challenge we might add), the team not only reached the goal, but smashed it!

Logging an impressive 299.86 miles in March!

Congratulations team! Kudos!