Important milestone in how HTTP websites treated by Google

Important milestone in how HTTP websites treated by Google

Google’s long-term aim is for the web to be a more secure place for their users. As part of their efforts to realise this, the tech-giant is planning a series of releases across their operations in the near future.

At the end of January Google released a new version of their popular Chrome browser (56) and with this launch they have begun to label HTTP connections on pages that collect passwords or credit card details as non-secure.

This is a very important update as traditionally Google sets trends in web development and as such it’s reasonable to assume that other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Safari will soon follow suit.

Intelligent Retail websites were already prepared for this update, with all log-in and sensitive pages being secured as standard.

In future Google is likely to move towards recommending that websites use HTTPS across all of their pages, no matter if it’s a login page, checkout page or simply the Home page. When this time comes, or even before, Intelligent Retail is poised to implement the necessary changes. All retailers will need to do is to manage that change with Google via Google Analytics and Google Search Console.